Concerts, Classes & Events

Cal-Am Resorts is pleased to present The Clairvoyants, 2011 runner up of America’s Got Talent.

Cal-Am Resorts also features a broad array of classes and events to tempt your palette, make you laugh and learn a new skill. From plays, to fitness to food, you’ll find more ways to be entertained and challenged than you ever imagined.

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For additional information at a specific venue, call the resort directly during regular business hours:

  • Canyon Vistas: 480-648-1001
  • Far Horizons: 520-296-1234
  • Fortuna de Oro: 928-366-1274
  • Good Life: 480-641-9925
  • Mesa Regal: 480-981-5118
  • Sundance: 928-318-5333
  • Sunflower: 623-583-9374
  • Sunlife: 480-219-6737
  • Towerpoint: 480-854-8180
  • Valle del Oro: 480-984-5076
  • Val Vista Village: 480-832-2550